Kingwood Construction Services, LLC
 - a small general contractor with big experience

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Proudly established in 2009, Kingwood Construction Services is a small general contractor tailored specifically for people like you who are looking for quality and piece of mind from start to finish. 

We like happy customers, so our goal is to:

  • Build you the best project that your money will buy
  • Work with respectful, honest, forward thinking people
  • Apply industry-proven processes and quality control
  • Use building science to increase efficiency and longevity
  • Ensure quality construction - even in the often overlooked and unseen areas


We offer six partnering arrangements to fit your project's needs:

  • General Contractor (GC)
  • Construction Manager as Agent (CMa)
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMr)
  • Owner's Representative (OR)
  • Project Manager (PM)
  • Consultant (C)

We are part of a successful equation and we seek clients who are interested in building or remodeling healthy, intelligent, and sustainable structures - because with commitment, together we can be leaders in thought and action!